Come and Take a Spin at Gamdom’s Skin Gambling Casino

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  The number of skin betting platforms has increased over the past few years, and many users are eager to find the most fun and secure website.

  Gamdom is a licensed platform that offers a fantastic casino experience and fair winning opportunities to all its skin bettors. Users have a variety of deposit options, including CSGO, VGO, Dota2 skins as well as the number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. All the games at this bitcoin casino are based on a provably fair algorithm, meaning that the results can never be modified.

  Gamdom has developed four types of games that will keep users engaged and entertained. Players are able to use their skins and Bitcoins to play Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, and HiLo. The skins and crypto are first deposited in the player’s account, after which they are turned into Gamdom coins, the in-platform currency that will be used in all the games.

  Tradeup is a game mode which enables players to bet a chosen number of coins for any skin they like from the Gamdom marketplace. If you’ve won the skin, you have the option to sell it back to Gamdom for a 5% bonus, or upgrade it to another item from the marketplace with an increased chance of winning, as well as withdrawing the item from the marketplace. A new trading feature that will be added by the platform is peer-to-peer trading for CSGO skins, which will allow Gamdom players to trade skins with ease amongst themselves.

  The interface of Gamdom is easy to use and their games’ visual graphics are aesthetically pleasing. There is a chat feature on the left side of the website that allows players to engage with each other and to also benefit from free bonuses.

  Gamdom has a variety of systems that give away free coins and bonuses to all players.

  The unique bot of Gamdom automatically distributes free coins to active chat members every 2 to 28 minutes. The rewards are given based on the amount each user has bet in his previous games.

  The bonus can easily be collected by clicking on the blue cloud icon that pops up in the chat.

  You can easily receive more bonuses and prizes by simply adding to your Steam user name. This will double your Daily Bonuses and add 50% more to your Rainbot reward. Players will also have their XP doubled when they level up. If your account level is higher, your bonuses will also be increased.

  Each day, Gamdom gives away bonuses to any player that has verified his account. Go to your settings tab and check the status of your account. If it is unverified, then you just have to send an SMS from your phone to verify it. Verified accounts are able to access both daily rewards and free Rainbot coins.

  Gamdom engages with its community through many social media outlets, such as VK, Twitter, or Instagram, by creating contests and giveaways that reward their users. Players are required to complete simple tasks, such as following a page, or sharing a post, to receive higher percentages of their winnings.

  Crash Jackpot

  This Bitcoin casino offers a progressive Jackpot for its crash players who can win extra bonuses at each round. The winner of the round will get 75% of the Crashpot, and the remaining 25% will be distributed to the rest of the round players, based on their winnings.

  Roulette Jackpot

  The Roulette jackpot distributes additional coins to roulette players. 1% of the total bets made will go into the jackpot. The pot is distributed in this way: 70% to the winner, 20% to those that have bet on the winning color and the 10% will equally be divided among the bettors of the losing colors.

  HiLo Jackpot

  The Hilo jackpot receives 0.1% of the total bets made on each round.

  The winner of the HiLo jackpot receives 52% of the pot, 30% will be split between those that bet on the winning card/cards; the players that have betted on the losing colors will get a part of the 18%. is a Bitcoin casino that has all its games based on a provably fair algorithm. The hashes of each of the games are recorded on a different server, with users being able to verify the outcome of a game by inputting the respective hash.

  All of the hashes of the completed games can be compared with previous outcomes in order to check if any modifications occurred.

  The results of the games are based on the cryptographic distribution of the SHA256 algorithm. The SHA256 chain is made publicly available on the website so there are no doubts of manipulations.

  When it comes to withdrawals, most bitcoin casinos have long waiting times or other policies that prevent players from cashing out their winnings quickly. However, this is not the case with Gamdom.

  Bitcoins, items or skins from Gamdom can be withdrawn in an instant from any account. Bitcoin withdrawals have faster times as well (when compared to other items and even fiat currencies) and no fees.

  Gamdom users will never have to worry when it comes to support. The Bitcoin casino’s staff is always on call, ready to answer all questions or problems a player might encounter.

  There are three types of support, divided according to their purpose: normal support, technical and marketing support. For those looking for a quick answer to common questions and bonuses, there is an FAQ section that can be accessed on the website.

  Gamdom is looking to work with the best developers in order to create an impeccable user experience.

  The team is interested in hiring new front-end and back-end talents that can help with the development and maintenance of the Gamdom website in order to make it the best in the industry.

  The desired candidates are React.js and Node.js developers that are fluent in English. Interested applicants can send an email at

  Gamdom is a secure and licensed Bitcoin gambling platform which enables players to trade and gamble with their CSGO, VGO, Dota, vIRL items and skins.